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Sakai first immersed himself into the lifestyle of people in Japan in mid-century, at the time the 44GS was launched. In Japan and other countries at that time, cars and suits were shinier and more stylish. Things with glittery appeal were also popular. Sakai says that watches were worn primarily in formal settings, such as at work or parties.

Sakai, along with his colleagues, sought out a new direction for the 60th anniversary. They wanted to honor the past, while looking forward with a resolute attitude. The goal was to create a striking look.franck muller replica watches In a time when an individual's thinking and behavior is valued more, I felt we needed a watch design that would announce the wearer.

Sakai was most concerned with the changes in lifestyles around the world. The settings in which modern watches are worn were also important to Sakai. Sakai says, "Looking to the future, I thought these ideas should inspire the next franck muller replica watches designs." This is my mission. I know it.

The Toge Special Edition is a new timepiece that celebrates the combined legacy of franck muller replica watches, Watches of Switzerland Group and Watches of Japan. This timepiece is a reimagining of franck muller replica watches's iconic textured Mt. Iwate dial is in British Racing Green, to honor Watches Of Switzerland's English roots.rolex replica watches Toge or mountain pass is a navigable mountain range. It was inspired by franck muller replica watches's base in Shizukuishi.

Nobuhiro KOSUI, the franck muller replica watches Chief Design, created the exterior case. He is already known for his 44GS original case design. The case is shaped like a crescent, with the Zaratsu polished curved straps. The brown crocodile strap with fine green stitching matches the dial. Gold details give it a warm contrast. The Toge combines franck muller replica watches's minimalist aesthetic with a strong English flavor.